A expert system based novel framework to detect and solve the problems in home appliances by using wireless sensors

This study is focused on designing an expert system for home appliances by using wireless sensors which can help the common people to repair the frequent problems of home appliances. In general, people are having very little knowledge about the home appliances. They used to contact to the service providers or vendors for solutions. But many times the problem is very minor and still it consumes both money and time because of lack of knowledge among people about home appliances. In this paper a combination of expert system with wireless sensors is proposed to solve such kind of minor problems in home appliances. In the proposed framework the wireless sensors are installed with different home appliances in different regions of the home.

Whenever problem occurs in any part of home appliance, the sensor detects that problem automatically and sends it for solution to the expert system. Various noise removal algorithms for removing noise from the received data can be applied for getting noise free data. The expert system finds the solution based on the type of problem and sends the solutions with various images through SMS or e-mail to user’s mobile or mail-id. If expert system detects that problem is unsolvable or cannot be easily solved by that user then it sends a list of contacts of user’s nearest service providers or vendors so that user can contact to them. For example in refrigerator, if sensor detects that freezer is failed then the expert system will send the solution to the user that “kindly check the control dial of temperature”.