A multilayer organic package with four integrated 60GHz antennas enabling broadside and end-fire radiation for portable communication devices

This paper describes the demonstration of a millimeter-wave package for a fully-integrated switched-beam 60-GHz CMOS transceiver IC. The package supports differential transmit and single-ended receive paths in both broadside and end-fire directions with four integrated antennas. The multi-antenna configuration provides flexible link coverage with a small form factor suitable for portable communicationdevices. The 11mm × 11mm × 0.5mm package has 38 BGA pins and is built with low-cost printed circuit board technology using 4 metal layers and organic dielectric materials.

Full-wave electromagnetic simulations were performed to verify antenna performance in the context of a full-package environment, including power/ground planes and signal wiring of the package and of the second-level PCB. System-level characterization results with a fully assembled transceiver module are presented, including measured antenna radiation patterns.