Brief comparison of sequential paging and concurrent paging in cellular technology

In the last decade, cellular technology has grown tremendously and has been able to reach each and every individual. But with this huge increase in number of users the need for a better management of bandwidth and resources has also increased tremendously and for better resource management and for good end user experience optimizing paging scheme has become important. Hence, various paging schemes has been proposed for the same. In this paper, we have tried to compare sequential paging and concurrent paging based on different trunking parameters in an Erlang C channel.

Paging and location management are closely associated to one another. So this paper also includes the study and comparison of various paging techniques and paging schemes which are being used in the current scenario. We have also done a detailed study and comparison of concurrent paging and sequential paging which finally proved the superiority of concurrent paging in terms of bandwidth management and better user experience.