Leaky feeder, a new linear array transceiver for micro/pico cells

Leaky Feeder (LF) or radiating cables promises broadband wireless access in short range but being overlooked until now. The LF is a natural linear array transceiver ideal for micro and pico cells. In this work, we model the LF as a linear antenna array and derive the average bit error rate (BER) in Rayleigh fading channel considering quadrature phase shift keying (QPSK) modulation.

We consider maximal ratio transmission (MRT) at the transmit end and coherent detection and maximal ratio combining (MRC) at the receiving end. Analytical expressions are derived for BER with radiating cable transmitters. The effects of slot spacing and carrier frequency on the BER are also studied. Numerical evaluations show the radiating cable transmitter offer much lower BER than a single antenna transmitter with same SNR.