Virtual Cell Sectoring for Enhancing Resource Allocation and Reuse in Network Controlled D2D Communication

Device-to-Device (D2D) communication underlaying cellular communications takes advantage of physical proximity of devices to improve coverage, resource utilization, data rates, QoS,and offers network operators the possibility to offload normally network-routed traffic to direct P2P links. This paper presents a novel Resource Allocation (RA) concept for D2D User Equipment(D-UEs) reusing the Physical Resource Blocks (PRBs) of the Cellular UEs (C-UEs).

The RA algorithm is based on a virtual sectoring concept that relies on network assisted positioning technologies. By means of system level simulations, we show that this novel RA scheme yields significant performance and efficiency gains. To this end, we show the gains when such a RA scheme is employed along with some potential future directions.