EvalVid Framework for Video Transmission

EvalVid tool is widely used for Video Transmission.In order to achieve Video Transmission effectively , it has been integrated with various networking Tools such as NS2,Ns3,Omnet++,Qualnet,Opnet. We have described about EvalVid Framework for Video Transmission Coding which yields better results.MPEG video by using the NS2 simulator can be very easily transferred from source to destination.Put a frametype_  and sendtime_ field in the hdr_cmn header.



Procedure Carried for Video File Transmission:



Download Sample Source Code on EvalVid Framework For Video Transmission

set ns [new Simulator]
set nd [open out.tr w]
set trace_file_id [open $trace_file_name w]
set pre_time 0
while {[eof $original_file_id] == 0} {
 gets $original_file_id current_line
 scan $current_line "%d%s%d%d%f" no_ frametype_ length_ tmp1_ tmp2_
set time [expr int(($tmp2_ - $pre_time)*1000000.0)]
puts $trace_file_id "$time $length_ $type_v $prio_p $max_fragmented_size"
 set pre_time $tmp2_
close $original_file_id
close $trace_file_id
set end_sim_time $tmp2_
puts "$end_sim_time"
set trace_file [new Tracefile]
$trace_file filename $trace_file_name
set video1 [new Application/Traffic/myEvalvid]
$video1 attach-agent $udp1
$video1 attach-tracefile $trace_file
proc finish {} {
global ns nd
$ns flush-trace
close $nd
exit 0
$ns at 0.0 "$video1 start"
$ns at $end_sim_time "$video1 stop"
$ns run

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