NS2 Projects for B Tech Students

Network simulator 2 is a discrete event based simulator to simulate and evaluate various network model. We offer NS2 projects for B.TECH ensure technical knowledge for final year students with recent network technologies. We support B.TECH students in discipline of computer science, communication and information technology to do their projects in network area with simulation behavior. We ensure simulation based analysis in network to identify various network model performances. We provide comparative results of network model with best protocol. We support various processes like routing, network management and security in NS2 simulation from Springer papers.


Reliable reactive routing:

We implement reliable reactive routing in wireless sensor network. We design this protocol to reduce bandwidth and storage cost consumed in table driven protocols. We apply on demand procedure to build route among source and destination. We establish routing process by route discovery and maintenance. Route discovery occurs on demand flooding like RREQ through network when nodes need to send data then it broadcast RREQ message. When route found then destination send route reply (RREQ) composed of complete route information with route address from source to destination.


Route identification phase:

We establish reliable reactive routing composed of discovery module which find route among source and destination and maintain module to store and access route information. During route identification phase, every node requires to perform cooperation process to attain effective route among source and destination. When network node act as forwarder then forwarder node knows next hop forwarding candidates  when a node receive a packet it perform verification whether it is received by an intended receiver. When they are similar then that node receives incoming packets and start back off timer to ack message. We relate intended receiver with forwarding candidate list timer. When there is no forwarder node then high priority given to transmit ack before time expires. We use potential forwarder selector and prioritization module to attach ordered forwarder list in data header packet.


Route request propagation in R3E:

When node has data packets to forward to destination then it initiate route discovery by flooding RREQ message. When non duplicate RREQ receive by a node then route reply send to source node with ac message. We introduce biased back off scheme in reliable reactive routing protocol to calculate time taken by each node to forward and receive data. We developed more than 100+ projects with the routing protocol in NS2 simulation.


OLSR routing protocol:

We use on link stateless routing protocol in wireless sensor and adhoc networks. Adhoc network and sensor network composed of mobile nodes which move from one to another place without any notification we adopt acknowledgement to identify proper transmission and network data reception. We implement OLSR based network model to analyze performance by NS2 simulation model.



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