Our goals to implement NS2:

  • Ns2 supports various network research and projects to design protocol, analyze traffic occurred in network and comparing protocols.
  • It ensures collaborative environment which is an open source and provide accurate result in output.

Supported Ns2 models:

Our NS2 tech solution support following models in ns2 simulation project are

  • Queuing protocol such as random early drop and drop tail protocol.
  • Transport protocol model such as TCP and UDP multicast.
  • Provide Physical media connection such as satellite model, wireless and wired network model.
  • Design Traffic model and application such as FTP, telnet and constant bit rate.
  • Support routing and queuing such as adhoc routing and wired routing.


Why we develop Ns2 projects?

An Ns2 project is an important network simulator mainly developed for research and analyzes network communication.  Every year ns2 importance grows bigger than other simulator. It provides various features and simulation model to provide results. Other simulator such as opnet, omnet, and NS3 and more ensure graphical user interface to provide result. But, Ns2 contains network animator to simulate network model. We can provide play, pause button based on our needs and nodes can be easily added and eradicated. We can rewrite OTcl scripts based on the project scope. We can develop more ns2 projects with a sample project by reusing a code. Our team members are experts in writing an OTcl scripts in a less time and in an efficient way.

Ns2 project categorization:  We categorized NS2 projects as:

  • Ns2 Projects under network security model.
  • Ns2 Projects under analysis and comparison of various protocol models.
  • Ns2 Projects under network performance.
  • Ns2 Projects under quality of service.


Our project team members provide various IEEE title under the mentioned category of NS2 projects.  We developed more than 300+ projects under NS2 simulation with various protocol models and various network performances.We also provide an NS2 source code for every project. We briefly explain the concept about NS2 introduction, ns2 wired sample programs and NS2 wireless sampled programs. Based on the explanation students have a clear idea about an NS2 simulation and their process. We guide research scholars to develop thesis and to publish their papers in journals. We created more than 60 thesis in ns2 simulation based on the requirements mentioned by the research scholars. Our Ns2 soft solution ensures a special team to develop Ns2 thesis in an optimistic way.


Journal Support for NS2 Projects: