CSE Projects in NS2

NS2 is an important network simulation tool to design and analyze various network protocol and architectures. We offer NS2 computer science projects for PhD scholars include computer network topologies, network communication and network security. We simulate network such as mobile Adhoc network, wireless sensor network and vehicular Adhoc network projects from Springer papers by NS2 simulation. We model TCP, UDP and OSI layer communication by NS2 simulation. We support Ece, Cse and IT students to implement their final year projects in NS2. We ensure GPS and mobile communication process by NS2.

Strength of NS2:

We adopt following factors in NS2 are

  • Monitor network behavior.
  • Use TCL and object oriented TCL for simulation.
  • Calculate routing performance metric from trace file.
  • Simulate both wired & wireless network.
  • Ensure flexible platform to create new protocols.
  • Support IP and any standard routing protocol.
  • Simulation performed in dynamic & static nodes.



NS2 networking:

We implemented NS2 in 100+ projects for networking. We simulate star, ring, bus and tree topology formation by NS2. We support computer science projects which enable mobile IP configuration in NS2 for wireless local area communication. We evaluate various network security algorithms by NS2 simulation. We categorize network project into wired & wireless communication. Most computer engineering students prefer projects in NS2 based on wireless communication.




We provide mobile Adhoc network with high mobility nodes and not constructed by standard infrastructure. Establishing route in MANET is very complex process by MANET; we can modify routing information during transmission of dat. We implement reactive and proactive routing protocol in NS2 computer science projects. We ensure MANET communication by route request, route reply, and route error message are established in NS2 simulation. NS2 ensure an major vital role in MANET routing process.


Under water sensor network in NS2:

We enhance NS2 provide efficient simulation framework for underwater sensor communication. We establish underwater sensor network which is not stable in one place due to oscillation in sea waves. We provide two way communications in underwater sensor takes more time & ensure inaccurate result. We use acoustic signals for data communication in underwater sensor nodes. We simulate NS2 in radar based signal transformation in under water communication. We establish energy efficient & optimal data packet utilization algorithm in NS2 based underwater communication process.


Vanet in NS2:

We simulate NS2 for each vehicle as mobile node in vanet communication. Route establishment, vehicle to vehicle communication, secure data communication, locating destination node among vanet nodes are simulated by NS2.



NS2 in wireless sensor networks:

We provide wireless sensor communication as major role in rescue operation, natural disaster area & monitor behavior of terrestrial & forest area. We deploy sensor node to identify dead batteries, relocate battery which is a challenging task in wireless sensor communication. We implement NS2 to simulate wireless sensor communication &evaluate traffic, congestion control and message overhead.


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