EvalVid Tutorial

EvalVid is a toolset which is used for video transmission over a network communication. Evalvid tool is used comparing evaluation metrics.


Basic Requirements of Evalvid tool:

  • Source and destination Videos should be of the same format.
  • Video taken must be of the same size.
  • Number of frames is dependent on the size of the video traces.

Applications of Evalvid:

  • Multimedia applications.
  • Voice over IP (VoIP).
  • LTE multimedia data transfer.
  • Applications in 3g.
  • Synchronized audio-video streaming.



Download Sample Source Code for EvalVid



This is the sample code of VOIP traffic:
for {set i 0} {$i < $opt(voiceflow) } {incr i} {
        set udpA_($i) [new Agent/UDP]
        $udpA_($i) set prio_ 0
        $ns attach-agent $node_(0) $udpA_($i)
        set nullA_($i) [new Agent/Null]
        $ns attach-agent $node_(1) $nullA_($i)
        $ns connect $udpA_($i) $nullA_($i)
        set voip_($i) [new Application/Traffic/CBR]
        $voip_($i) attach-agent $udpA_($i)
        $voip_($i) set packet_size_ 160
        $voip_($i) set rate_ 64k
        $voip_($i) set random_ false
        $ns at 5.0 "$voip_($i) start"
        $ns at 50.0 "$voip_($i) stop"