M Tech Projects in NS2 Simulation

NS2 is a discrete event network based simulator to implement new network model through simulation. We offer NS2 projects in Hyderabad which ensure network based projects concepts for college students around Hyderabad. To develop academic projects more computer science student’s use NS2 simulation. We use a prominent tool called NS2 to develop and design a new protocol and algorithm. We easily simulate more network applications with statistical information collected from network. We support NS2 with various process. Stages and algorithms developed under new network environment. We visualize the NS2 performance result by plot tools available in simulation environment.


Channel Assignment and Routing:

We use channel assignment which is required by wireless network Communication for data communication among different users. In heterogeneous multiradio multichannel multihop wireless network use joint channel assignment and routing protocol (JCAR). We adopt this technique and protocol from Elsevier papers. It combines the channel selection on wireless interface and performs route selection with available interface based on traffic information. We use CCM (channel cost Metric) in JCAR which consist of inference and diverse channel characteristics. We test JCAR Algorithm by wireless Node with single and multiple 802.11 cards.


Trusted Routing:

We design trusted dynamic Source routing (TDSR) for mobile Ad hoc networks. It is an extension of DSR protocol and it computes trust among nodes based on trust score. We have direct and indirect trust. Direct Trust provides Trust score between neighbor nodes directly. Indirect Trust is referred as trust value accessed by finding neighbor node behavior with other nearby nodes. We use TDSR to perform trust relationship, routing decisions by denoting experience reported, observed routing and forwarding behavior. We support M.Tech students to simulate various network performances by NS2 simulation model.


Vehicle to Vehicle Communication:

We use vehicular Ad hoc Network in wireless Ad hoc Network to ensure communication among roadside devices. We provide vehicle to vehicle communication and vehicle to infrastructure communications used by vehicles moving on high way. To provide moving object communication we use Moving Vehicle Assistance (MVA) have capability among passing relay vehicles with store, carry and forward process. We analyze this model by NS2 simulation and performance is compared with other routing protocols in Vanet.


Cross Layer Routing:

We ensure cross layer approach to produce quality of service in wireless network with various new algorithm models. To improve Quality of service we also consider bandwidth sharing medium and Packet delivery ratio. By cross layer approach we also consider signal strength to cross layer interaction parameter. Cross layer permit information sharing among network status and different layers.


Performance Evaluation in NS2:

Mobile Ad-hoc Network which is an infrastructure less network with mobile nodes and they processed as transmitter and receiver. We analyzed various protocols such as Dynamic Source Routing (DSR), Destination Sequence Distance Vector (DSDV) and Ad-hoc on demand Distance Vector (AODV) in more than 110+ projects with various network by NS2 simulation. We measure energy consumption, packet delivery ratio, packet drop and jitter by NS2 tool.


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