Network Simulator 2 Projects

Network simulator 2 is an object oriented simulation tool. We offer network simulator 2 projects for ECE, CSE and Information technology final year students. By implementing network simulation tools which gives an accurate result for communication and network process are handled and supported by our team. Various network related projects such as satellite communication, underwater communication and wireless sensor are not implemented by real time environment and it implemented only by simulation environment. We developed various number of network simulator 2 projects and ensured an accurate result.



Seed and Glow Algorithm:

Based on Elsevier paper, we progress a seed and glow algorithm in your project to give an adequate result. The major need of this is social network are affected by Anonymized attack referred as unauthorized user accessed the information about user. This algorithm provides solutions to Anonymized attack by initially it identifies proper seed in social graph and refer these seed and it is placed by malicious person. It retrieves previous attacking information to gain knowledge about intrusion in network. The levels are increased by reliability.



Localizing Jammer:

We implement various processes to avoid a localizing jammer in network simulator 2. In various networks, attacker use jammer to avoid a data communication. Existing application (or) algorithm can’t give an efficient result for identifying jammers. To solve localization Jammer attacks we propose weighted centroid localization, centroid localization and virtual force interactive localization for M.E projects.



Sybil Attack NS2 PROJECTS:

For every projects security is more important and it is fully attained by us. Various attacks are handled by us and Sybil attack is one of the attacks and it is a harmful infection in communication systems. It initially affects reputation system and then spread function to all nodes in network. Several identities are gathered from network nodes. It is prevented by validation checking in network simulator 2.



NO MISS Parallel Greedy Algorithm:

To implement pore network, we use this algorithm. It applied in various application projects to solve various issues such as large memory consumption, scalability, long computation time.

We implemented more than 90+ projects with various routing protocols by our team to support network simulation tools are:

  • DSDV:

DSDV means destination sequence distance vector routing protocol is implemented by our team to enhance various network process. By using this method, it ensures less storage space, fast rerouting mechanism and loop free short control message. It considered as a proactive Routing protocol. It maintains route table contain information about all neighboring nodes.

  • LEACH:

LEACH abbreviated as Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy routing Protocol. We used this method in various project. It mainly deployed for wireless communications. In this protocol, cluster head is selected on the basis of bandwidth, mobility, coverage range and minimum hop count.



Journal Support for Network Simulator 2 Projects: