NS2 Bluetooth Projects

What is Bluetooth?Implementing NS2 Bluetooth Projects?

Bluetooth is a Open Wireless Technology which is used transmit data over short distance.Mobile Phones is the most widely used electronic device for Bluetooth Operation.NS2 Bluetooth Projects operates on the 2.4GHz frequency band.Bluetooth official IEEE standard is 802.15.1.


Features of Bluetooth:

  • Device technology includes confidentiality, key derivation and authentication via secure and fast encryption routine plus block ciphers.
  • Network communicates with a master Bluetooth device and is formed with up to seven devices.
  • Specifications based on frequency-hopping spread spectrum technology.
  • FreeBSD stack is executed with a Netgraph framework via short wavelength radio transmission signals.


Architecture of Bluetooth


Applications of Bluetooth:

  • Wireless communications with PCs and peripheral I/O devices.
  • Wireless control and communication between mobile and hands-free headsets.
  • Mobile phone communication with digital enhanced cordless telecommunication.
  • Wireless networking between multiple computers in areas with limited service.
  • For low-bandwidth applications.
  • To replace conventional wired communication like GPS receivers, medical equipment, traffic control devices and bar code scanners.
  • Personal mobile security applications.


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Download Sample source Code for NS2 Bluetooth Projects


# Setup traffic flow between nodes
for {set i 0} {$i < $val(numberOfConnections) } {incr i} {
        # Create Constant four Bit Rate Traffic sources
        if { $val(agent)=="UDP"} {
                set agent($i) [new Agent/UDP]             ;# Create UDP Agent
        } else {
                set agent($i) [new Agent/TCP]             ;# Create TCP Agent
                $agent($i) set prio_ 0                   ;# Set Its priority to 0
                $agent($i) set packetSize_ 1500
        if { $val(agent)=="UDP"} {
                set sink($i) [new Agent/LossMonitor]  ;# Create Loss Monitor Sink in order to be able to trace the number obytes received
        } else {
                set sink($i) [new Agent/TCPSink]
        set j [expr (2 * $i)]
        if { $i < [expr ($val(nn)/2)]} {
                $ns_ attach-agent $node_($j) $agent($i)     ;# Attach Agent to source node
                $ns_ attach-agent $node_([expr ($j+1)]) $sink($i) ;# Attach Agent to sink node
puts "< $j [expr ($j+1)]" } else { $ns_ attach-agent $node_([expr (($i % ($val(nn)/2))*2+1)]) $agent($i) ;# Attach Agent to source node $ns_ attach-agent $node_([expr (($i % ($val(nn)/2))*2)]) $sink($i) ;# Attach Agent to sink node puts ">   [expr (($i % ($val(nn)/2))*2+1)] [expr (($i % ($val(nn)/2))*2)]"
        $ns_ connect $agent($i) $sink($i)            ;# Connect the nodes
        set app($i) [new Application/Traffic/CBR]  ;# Create Constant Bit Rate application
        $app($i) set packetSize_ $val(packetSize)               ;# Set Packet Size 
        $app($i) set rate_ $val(packetGenerationRate)        ;# Set CBR rate
        $app($i) attach-agent $agent($i)             ;# Attach Application to agent