RTT-Based Random Walk Approach to Detect Stepping-Stone Intrusion – NS2 FOR B.TECH
Physical access control: A case study in a military institution of the Brazil– NS2 FOR B.TECH
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Multi-tier network secrecy in the ether– NS2 FOR B.TECH
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Interoperable job execution and data access through UNICORE and the Global Federated File System– NS2 FOR B.TECH
EM attack sensor: Concept, circuit, and design-automation methodology– NS2 FOR B.TECH
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Quantifying the Information Leakage in Timing Side Channels in Deterministic Work-Conserving Schedulers– NS2 FOR B.TECH
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Design of secured intra-prediction mode algorithm for data hiding with improved image quality– NS2 FOR B.TECH
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e-commerce cloud: Opportunities and challenges– NS2 FOR B.TECH