NS2 Network Security Projects

Network security described as a protecting data over an internet environment. Important keyword in network security is to secure a data transmission. We offer NS2 Network security projects which are useful for final year students in various disciplines such as computer science, electronics and Information Technology. We support all types of network security concepts and data protection based on IEEE papers. We handle and implement Black hole and gray hole based projects with the network security based projects through NS2 simulation tool.


Requirements of Network Security:

To develop a network security, we support the requirements are:

  • Integrity – information is not altered (or) not compromised.
  • Non Repudiation – Need to prove message was sent and received.
  • Privacy – Information must be read by authenticated users.
  • Authentication – Identity are validated for sender and receiver.



Attacks against Network Security:

We handle various attacks to enhance a network security projects for B.Tech students are:


Data Modification Attack:

Attackers read and modify the original information in Network security projects. Attacker can also change the data without any knowledge of sender and receiver.



Eaves Dropping:

Unsecured data transmission (or) uncompressed data transmission are performed. By this transmission attacker collect an access about data path in network. The biggest attack is eaves drop which continuously check the network and access data during transmission.



Identify Spoofing:

More Networks and OS utilize IP address for validating user identity. Sometimes, attacker retrieve a valid IP address by using this, hacker can change path (or) modify the original data.



Password Based Attack:

To ensure a security, we implement password protection method. Passwords are stored in data and user can access information over internet, Attacker trace the password by using a video recorder (or) hidden camera. By using the password hacker can modify information (or) change the configuration setting in network. Authenticated user access control can be modified (or) detected.



Compromised Key Attack:

To access secured information, key is a secret code. Challenging task of attacker is to gain a key. It is possible to obtain original key called compromised key.



Man in the Middle Attack:

Man in the middle attack, attacker create an identity to read the content. After identification, attacker act as sender and receiver does not know the detail about sender. It may damage the application layer.

The following attacks are to be handled in more than 90+ projects and various remedies are performed by us to ensure an efficient network security projects.


Journal Support for NS2 Network Security Projects: