NS2 Projects in Networking

Networking is defined as the set of computing devices associated through communication link. These links in network applied as wired (or) wireless. Wireless Network communication considers air as channel or medium. We offer Ns2 projects in networking which contribute a network model and routing methods for students. We support CSE, IT, ECE discipline students to do final year projects in Ns2. Ns2 is an adaptable tool to support various network and protocols. We encourage and support for to develop and research technologies related to NS2.


NS2 Optical Network PROJECTS:

We implement passive optic network for fiber network communication from Science direct papers. Passive components are splitters, combines to process network communication. It provides both upstream and downstream communication. In upstream, traffic derived from multi point and called as multipoint to point communication. In downstream, traffic creates from single point called as point to multipoint communication. Both communications maintain finite bandwidth.


Components of PON:

To implement PON Network for M.Tech projects, we possessed the following components possessed are:

  • Passive splitters.
  • Optical line terminal.
  • Power splitter for TDMA process.
  • Optical Network Terminals.
  • Wavelength splitter for WDMA Process.
  • Optical Network units.


Protocols Used In PON:

For the implementation of PON Network in our projects we use various protocols they are:

Multipoint control protocol used to process point to multipoint communication between optical line terminal and optical network terminal. We use DBA algorithm in MPCP protocol to process transmission.



NS2 Software Defined Networking PROJECTS :

This network is a rising technology and we proposed more than 90+ projects in SDN because it is manageable, cost effective, adaptable and dynamic. To implement this network, the functions are to be achieved as are:

  • Configured through programmatically.
  • Directly programmable.
  • Open standard based and vendor neutral.
  • Centrally managed.


Concepts in SDN:

We adopt various concepts of SDN in Our projects are:

  • Pure SDN Switch:

In central controller, all control switch functions are run in pure SDN Switch method.

  • Hybrid Switch:

In hybrid switch, it maintains switching protocol which is used to configure controller to discover and control various traffic flows.

  • Hybrid Network:

Both traditional and SDN switches are operate in same environment by hybrid network.



Network Virtualization in SDN:

Network virtualization in SDN ensures end to end networking and implemented by open flow protocol. Encapsulation and tunneling process are performed.



Journal Support for NS2 Projects in Networking: