NS2 Projects

NS2 referred as Network simulator version 2 which mainly used for research and to develop network based applications. We offer NS2 program code to develop various applications in network environment. We develop NS2 based network academic projects with various source codes available in network simulator. To create node and coloring process we use pre-defined structure with NS2. We write NS2 code in C++ and OTCL language. It gives object oriented tool command for network design interface which is easily understood by students.


Invoke OTCL:

In NS2 we can enable TCL by four different methods. Every method is differed in calling procedure. Every function passed to interpreter which identifies string by global context. We use TCL methods which return to caller when interpreter gives TCL-OK and tkerror when interpreter gives TCL-ERROR. By overloading the procedures we can eliminate the errors.


Creating TCL Objects:

By command, we can create TCL objects in NS2. In NS2, shadow objects are generated by base class objects in Tclobjects constructor and are called by using parent class constructor. Before the process of initialization and building we can use this constructor to call parent constructor.


Variable Bindings:

To establish compiled constructor we use binding in simulation when an object is instantiated. NS2 support five different data type they are given as follows:

  • Integers.
  • Boolean.
  • Real Data Type.
  • Time Valued Variables.
  • Bandwidth Valued Variables.


Variable command

  • Real and integer valued variables $ object set realvar.
  • $ object set int var.
  • Bandwidth variable $ object set bw var.
  • Time variable $ object set time var.
  • Boolean variable $ object set boolvar.


We use the above variable in NS2 program code for various communication process and B.E projects.


Variable Tracing:

In variable bindings we support tracing of C++ and Tcl variable by Tcl objects. In every network traced variable created by C++ (or) Tcl. Traced object and variables can access by using Tcl Trace method and they are visible.


Schedulers in NS2:

NS2 is a discrete event simulators and it support various schedulers described from Elsevier papers, each one have unique data structures. The schedulers are given as:

  • Heap Scheduler.
  • Simple Linked List Scheduler.
  • Real Time Scheduler.
  • Calendar Queue Scheduler.

When more than one event is scheduled to execute at same time, its execution are performed by first scheduled and first dispatched manner. Approach and schedule based events are generated by various scheduling techniques. We provided more than 90+ projects with Ns2 simulation under various network communications.


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