PhD Projects in NS2


NS2 is a discrete event simulator to develop and analyze various communication networks, which is coded by C++ and Tcl language. We provide various research areas in network topology. We offer PhD projects in NS2 related to research and thesis topics for research scholars. We support and guide all researchers those who are interested in network domain. We develop various approaches for PhD scholars to implement their thesis in network based on journals such as IEEE, Elsevier and more. We support and handle all types of network development area.


Packet Scheduling and Wireless Sensor Networks:

In WSN, we schedule various packets for real time and non real time environment with various resources. We use packet scheduling algorithm in wireless sensor network to enhance average packet delay, throughput and delivery ratio for final year projects. We implement dynamic priority scheduling algorithm for various network communication. We develop packet scheduling algorithm for NS2 simulation model.


Wireless Ad hoc Network NS2 PROJECTS:

We implement more research projects on wireless Ad hoc network which dynamically change topology and less infrastructure environment. To ensure longest lifetime in Ad hoc network we develop fuzzy based intelligent energy efficient routing protocol. Decision maker in fuzzy algorithm which split process into initiation phase, it identifies each route process. Various protocols are implemented and compared by NS2 simulation. From network simulation environment we can find best routing and energy efficient protocol in network.


Mesh Based Multicast Routing:

We implement multicast routing in multimedia applications research. We proposed more than 80+ PhD project in Ns2 with various network communications and published in journals. It also named as PUMA (Protocol for Unified Multicasting through Announcements). We analyze theperformance of PUMA in NS2 and it handles various attacks in network. It detects and prevents attack such as watchdog packet dropper attack and modification attacks.


CAN Bus:

To ensure a safe communication we implement controller area Network. We extend the function of CAN for high layer protocol. CAN FD stand for CAN Flexible Data rate provide high data size and rates. Hybrid automatic repeat request are mentioned by CAN which composed of error correction code with read Solomon technique to detect error cyclic redundancy. By using CRC we can improve throughput. CAN performance are analyzed and processed by NS2.


Journal Support for PhD Projects in NS2: